Meet the Trustees

Tom, Ben, Angela, Rachel, Roger
Tom, Ben, Angela, Rachel, Roger & Siobhan

Angela (Chair)

As a keen gardener and walker, the chance to work on the creation of a nature reserve is an opportunity not to be missed and it will be a pleasure to see people and wildlife making use of the site as the project develops. After spending many years carrying out research and writing books about the Spanish Civil War, finding out about the history of this part of Headley Down is one of my particular interests.

Roger (Treasurer)

Years of running a business, DIY and gardening have given me skills which should be useful as a trustee of the Nature Reserve. However, skill in the use of social media is not one I acquired and I shall be leaving that to others!

Siobhan (Secretary)

A relative newcomer to Headley Down, I escaped Woking in 2014 and found this beautiful place to put down my roots.  I’m so excited about the project to turn this scrap of neglected land into something beautiful and magical.  I’m also a newcomer to volunteering … never thought it was my kind of thing, but here I am, volunteering and loving it.  Really hope you will join us and be a part of this new chapter in the history of the landscape.