Photo: Headley Down Resident Sam
Photo: Headley Down Resident Sam

Get involved – Enjoy the reserve

What can I do to help?

The nature reserve is for everyone, so that means YOU!

We want to make it into a beautiful sanctuary for everyone to enjoy, but the Trust members cannot do it on their own. You can help ….

  • Take photos from the site and send them in to us. Tell us when and where you took the photo and we may choose yours to feature on one of our photo boards or on the website.
  • Draw, paint or write about the site and then tell us about it.
  • Let us know on our Facebook page when you’ve been up to the nature reserve and what you have seen.
  • Do you know your flora and fauna? Help us by identifying the plants, animals and birds on the site. We want to build a picture of what wildlife we already have and what new species start to inhabit the space.
  • Put your litter in the bins provided and encouraging others to do so too.
  • Be a responsible dog walker and put dog poo in the bins provided.
  • Report any antisocial or criminal behaviour to the police on the 101 number
  • Report fly-tipping. If you see someone in the process of dumping rubbish, call police on 101, otherwise contact the council on 0300 300 0013 or via their website:
  • Make suggestions to help us get the best out of the site. Any ideas you have will be considered by the Trustees and if appropriate could be incorporated into the project. For example we’ve already had a suggestion for a ‘litter campaign’ so we will be doing this in the near future. Send any ideas to
  • Volunteer. We will be welcoming volunteers to help us on various Action Days so keep any eye on events calendar.
Photo: Volunteering, HDNRT 2017
Photo: Volunteering, HDNRT 2017