Hidden Rocks

A How to Guide 

You will need:

Pebbles – these can be collected (although ask permission before taking) or purchased from garden centres. 

Paint in an assortment of colours – any type will work but acrylic is probably best. 

Paintbrushes of different sizes. 

Varnish – again any type but spray varnish is easiest if painting lots of pebbles. 



  1. Lay out some newspaper to keep things tidy. 
  2. Select a pebble, make sure it is clean of any dirt and dry. 
  3. Using your paintbrushes and paint decorate with any design you’d like (if you need inspiration search for hidden rocks on the Internet). You might also want to put your name on it. 
  4. Once finished leave your pebble to dry. 
  5. Varnish and wait for it to dry again. 
  6. Take your pebbles and hide them for others to find. 
  7. See if you can find any hidden rocks. If you do,  you can take a photo and post it to our Facebook page before re-hiding.